Killer Heels: The Transformation

Killer HeelsFor many women, shoes set the tone for their appearance on the inside and out.  With that said, high heels set the tall, powerful, and boss-like appearance on the outside, and the confidence to take on the day (or night) on the inside.  Now I’m not saying that heels make the woman, but as we evolve, so does the heel and the styles of the heel.  This was discovered during my visit to the Brooklyn Museum for their “KILLER HEELS” exhibition.

If you are a shoe lover, like myself, you will have a genuine appreciation for this exhibit of unique, killer high heels and how their styles have transformed through the years.

From low heels to super high heels, to wedges to heel hats, all shoes come with personality.  Whether embellished with stones, or designed in 3-d form, or even plants seeds in the ground, there’s a shoe for everyone’s various personalities.  They tell a story when they hit the pavement. The exhibit runs until February 15, 2015.  Until then, check out a few more pictures from the exhibit…
















We want to hear from you? Tell us what is the highest pair of shoes you own? What’s your favorite pair of heels?  Talk to us and…



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