Maverick Post-Valentine Favorites

Ahhhhh…Valentine’s Day.  It’s a time for roses, chocolates, and showing love to the one(s) you care about the most.  I believe that “in order to love anyone, you must love yourself first”.  I also believe that everyday is Valentine’s Day.  With that said, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite items that you can not only treat your special someone to, but also yourself.

Love StoriesIf you’re in to writing and cherishing memorable moments, Love Stories- Anniversary & Relationship Journal is great to have.  This special journal is designed for couples getting married, engaged, or just deciding to commit to each other.  This journal can be completed together or alone and perhaps present it to your significant other on a milestone anniversary to read together.  In a way, Love Stories allows couples to evaluate and see the growth of their relationships in their own roads.  Plus besides, there’s nothing like a good trip down memory lane on how you first met and who said “I Love You” first.

IMG_1087In the words of R&B singer, India.Arie, “I am Not my Hair.”  However, I am about my hair; and all products and tools that give my hair the ultimate “SLAY”.  My favorite tool that I like to use to provide everyday curls for every look is Paul Mitchell’s Neuro Un-Clipped 1.25″ Cone aka My Magic Hair Wand.  I used to think curling wands were made only for women with long hair/extensions, until I tried this one.  Recently, I cut my hair into a medium-length bob and I wanted to maintain the same different curly looks before the change. Paul Mitchell’s Neuro Unclipped has allowed me to do so.  With it’s lightning fast-heating action and convenient cooling tip, I’m able to achieve beach waves, curly rings, and cute messy hair.  Perfect for that awesome hairstylist in your life too.

There’s nothing like wearing your man’s shirt to bed.  It’s even better when you can rock you’re man’s shirt and make a fashion statement.  Whether it’s for your man or for you, DIEM x LIVING RIGHT’s Collabo Crewneck, my Valentine favorite, is sure to be eye-appealing in the street and your lover’s eyes.  It is also a great gift for a fan of Spike Lee’s 1989 hit movie, “Do The Right Thing”.


To conclude, it doesn’t hurt to spoil yourself once in a while and you don’t need a Love holiday to do so.  Put yourself first.  Love you first.  Treat yourself good, and it  will naturally come to you to treat others better.


Love Yourself and STAY GLAMOROUS!


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