Pamper Yourself for $50!!

Spa Week

This winter has been very brutal and there’s a good chance it may have done some serious damage to your skin… and even your ZEN.  With the spring weather peeking out any which way possible, it’s time to rejuvenate, exfoliate, and regain your beauty that the winter has viciously taken away from you.  What better time to start then during NYC Spa Week!

 Spa Week, which runs from April 13-20, is a week long event where participating spas and beauty centers offer limited and exclusive services for only $50! In its eleventh year, this bi-annual event has allowed consumers to enjoy and indulge in various spa treatments and experiences for a fraction of the price. However, most importantly, Spa Week also allows consumers to take control of their health and well-being by providing more treatment options to choose from.  According to the International Spa Association, most people (72% to be exact) seek spa treatments due to stress.

Spa Week’s Spring 2015 Event is offering more locations and treatment options including Botox, eyelash extensions, acupuncture, and laser hair removals.  We have narrowed down our Top 3 Must Go-To Spas during Spa Week and what they’re offering this week for $50:

Red Door Spa- Fifth Avenue

O Spa

Dorit Baxter Day Spa

Visit and treat yourself to a $50 spa treatment that would normally run you between $200-$500.  With more spa locations participating, you are sure to find one in your local neighborhood or explore new ones.  You may get lucky and find a spa that extends their Spa Week specials.

Go out and pamper yourselves! You deserve it!


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