2016 Maverick Holiday Must-Haves

Christmas will be here before you know it! So will Black Friday! My favorite Holiday Maverick Must-Haves will be sure to have something for the special ones on your list while giving your wallet some ease. Take a look:

For the Gamers

Games are a must for any holiday gathering with family and friends.  If your household is similar to mine, Taboo is usually the go-to game. These must-have games, however, are sure to not only bring families together, but also start some interesting debates/battles. 





How well do you know Hip-Hop?  This amazing card game, created by A.V. Perkins and Marian Andon, tests your knowledge on hip-hop and anything “dope” within the hip-hop culture.  University of Dope can and will stir up debates more serious than Taboo.  The game is created for small and large groups and can even be played as a drinking game.  Pre-orders begin on Black Friday on Universityofdope.comVisit the website this weekend and you may come across a flash sale. 




Just when you thought you were great at reading lips, Hasbro comes out with “Speak Out”.  This mouthpiece challenge makes a great ice-breaker game at any game night or gathering.  While wearing a mouthpiece, players try to guess the different sayings you are trying to say.  Here’s the fun part, the mouthpieces won’t let you shut your mouth.  How’s that for a mouthful?




Reading is fundamental and it is important that we make sure our youth understands this at a very young age.  



Hair to the Queen! 

This illustrated book focuses on helping young children understand cancer and making it easier for parents to discuss the topic of cancer with their children.  Illustrated by Carole A. Smith and written by first-time author Tamara B. Rodriguez, the book introduces us to seven year-old, Corazon.   Corazon is preparing for a costume party, hosted by her mother, who is battling cancer and wears a wig after losing her hair. With a little help from her father and sister, Corazon secretly uses her costume birthday party to plan a special surprise for her courageous mom.  The book is $17.99 and can be found on Amazon.



18 Ingredients to Make Daddy

Trashina Conner wrote this children’s book for all of the “Daddy’s Little Girls” around the world.  18 Ingredients to Make Daddy is about a young girl who creates a recipe for her perfect daddy.  “My dad suddenly passed when I was 18 and each ingredient in the book represents a year we had together and something special he gave to me. “, says Conner. The book also depicts those special incomparable bonds between a dad and his daughter. The perfect gift for any father from their little girl. The book is $14.95 on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.



A Few More of My Favorite Things



RonnetteCox.com has the holiday hip-hop collection for you with her array of limited edition greetings cards and wrapping paper. Her hip-hop artist greeting cards, including “Holiday Hov”, “Christmas Diddy”, and “Bey Festive”, are the perfect Christmas cards for the hip-hop lover on your list. These unique cards are sold individually on the site for $2.99 or in packs of 6 ($12.99), 10 ($17.99), and 20 ($27.99). 


wax-club-twitter-waxclubnyBeauty memberships and subscription boxes are very trendy for the holiday season.  If you or someone you know enjoys living a hair-free life, they will love monthly unlimited waxing at WAX CLUB NYC.  I came across this amazing place and attended their grand opening that was sponsored by Royal Elite.   Located in Tribeca, the Wax Club offers unlimited waxing anywhere on your body, as many times as you want for $89 a month.  What makes Wax Club different from the others?  They do not sell or push product to their clients.  “Waxing is not relaxing when selling things.”, says owner, Marcy Kornblum.  The Wax Club offers strictly affordable luxury services.  As a member, you also get invited to private events held at The Wax Club such as Sangria Night and exclusive benefits like hosting a private party for you and nine of your friends.  If membership is not your thing, a la carte services are available.  On Black Friday, when you purchase a $20 gift certificate, The Wax Club will give you a free $10 gift certificate.  That is sure to make your hair stand up…and beg to get waxed.wax-club-fashion-reporter


weekendertealopenshoesThe Shrine Weekender Sneaker Backpack is the perfect weekend bag for men as it was created jus for that…the weekend.  The compartments for this bag were made with the thoughts of essentials for men that other luggage companies lack to consider such as watches and caps.  The weekender fits two pairs of sneakers and is separate from the clothing compartment.weekendertealfront

The Shrine Sneaker Duffel has about the same features as the Weekender, but is bigger and can be used on a trip longer than the weekend (if you pack small and smart).shrine-duffel



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