Over Your Distress Denim? Bring Those Jeans You Love Back to Life!

Chanel in DenimEveryone has that one pair of jeans that they just can’t live without. You know the one!  The pair that you wear every single day or pull out to wear a night out on the town because it fits you so perfect. They are pretty much your “Go-To” Jeans. There is an emotional attachment formed with these jeans. That is until they wear and tear and start to become unwearable. I am not only talking about the intended holes created to make them trendy and now you regret that you did it. I’m talking about broken zippers, torn pockets, faded black, or that popular tear in the crotch area. If only there was a way to fix them.  But what if there was?  Denim expert, Eric Goldstein and his wife, Jill, have created a service website allowing you to restore those precious jeans.

Have that hole in your crotch area you wish you can repair?  Or holes you made on your jeans you wish you can make smaller? Or how about black denim that has faded and you wish you can bring them back to black? DenimRepair.com can take care of that, as well as other unique denim services.

Denim in Distress
Torn crotch on my favorite pair of Gap jeans.


We talked with Eric to learn more about Denimrepair.com and what it takes to bring your denims back to normal.

GlamMaverick: When it comes to denim maintenance, what makes DenimRepair.com different from local dry cleaning services?

Eric: Many of our competitors, as well as your local dry cleaner, will simply repair the jeans with a patch and common sewing machine.  DenimRepair.com uses a machine that is specifically made for repairing jeans.  It’s called a darning machine.  It basically reweaves the fabric so no uncomfortable patch is necessary.  We have many years of experience in repairing all different types of jeans the proper way, the old fashioned way.  Our repairs do not affect the fit of the jean.


G:  Tell us what a darning machine is?

E: The darning process anchors a thread on the edge of a hole and carries it across the hole until the hole is eventually covered with thread.  It’s a way of repairing jeans without applying a patch.  It’s a way of “re-weaving” the deteriorated fabric.  Without a darning machine, a seamstress must take apart the entire outer seam of your jeans in order to do the repair.  The seam then needs to be re-sewn which can effect the fit of the jean and the long term durability.




G: Can we see DenimRepair.com appear in local cities in the future?

E: Right now all of our repairs are done in our facility in Kansas City.  We have no immediate plans for expansion, but it is always a possibility.


G: What is your favorite pair of jeans and have you ever had to repair them?

E: Yes!  Have had a favorite pair of Lucky Jeans since forever and couldn’t part with them.  They became too tattered to wear.  I sent them to DenimRepair.com and they are now back in my everyday rotation.


G: What are some of your tips for maintaining jeans after they are repaired?

E: We recommend washing jeans as little as possible and not putting jeans in the dryer.


G: What is the most oddest repair done on jeans?

E: A customer was in a motorcycle accident and had to have his jeans cut off in the ambulance.  They were his favorite jeans and he begged the EMT not to cut them.


G: Where did the inspiration come from to start a denim repair business?

E: It was a natural extension of my core business.  We wanted to offer the services to all customers for all brands of jeans.


G: Do you remember your pair of jeans that you were absolutely in love with that got destroyed?

E: For sure!  Had a pair of vintage Levi’s that were broken in “just right” that they fit my body like a glove.  I bought them in college and they could tell my whole adult life’s story.  After many years and many different stages of life, the tears became larger and the backside was threadbare.  I couldn’t “break up” with them.  We were attached.  We had a history.  So many memories.  I will never get rid of them.  Although they no longer fit me, I can pass them down to my daughter as an heirloom.  Or maybe just have them in my closet to visit whenever I get nostalgic.


G: How many pairs of jeans get repaired daily?

E: We repair about 6-8 per day.


G: Is DenimRepair.com limited to only jeans?  Can we send any denim (jackets, skirts, shorts, etc.) item to be repaired?

E: Yes, we work on anything denim, we have even repaired a denim quilt in the past.


Random Fact about Eric…

He was brought in as one of the original four people to start Ralph Lauren RRL, and his patented finishing technique was used for years after.


In 1992, Eric was recruited by Mickey Drexler at GAP to create what is now known as the 1969 brand for their 30th Anniversary.


I just so happened to have a pair of jeans that were starting to tear apart in the crotch area.  So I decided to give DenimRepair.com a shot!




Happy to say that the service was quick and very simple.  The cost of repairs range from $10-$50 and your jeans are returned within two weeks.

Want to give it a try?  

Use the code “GLAMMAV” and receive

20% off your first pair

until July 1st.


Tell us about your special pair of denim you can’t live without.


Until Then,

Stay Glamorous!

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