What is a GlamMaverick?

By: Chanel A.

The term “maverick” is defined in the dictionary as “an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party”.  A GLAM MAVERICK is one who sets their own trail in the world of glamour from all aspects and takes in the glamorous aspects of life without following the trends of everyone else.  Trends are cool, but a Glam Maverick knows how to take trends and make it their own without a care in the world.  

Hip Hop artist, Drake, says it best in his song, “Shut It Down”, “No you not imagining they lookin at you…long stares. Even tho she standin out, she look like she belongs there.”  

A Glam Maverick explores fashion, foods, beauty, and lifestyle that others may look past.  They make STATEMENTS. The Glam Maverick explores and brings light to what he/she considers “GlamFab” and feels people should know more about these discoveries.  With so many up and coming small boutiques, restaurants, products, and “Fashion Mavs”; as well as long established businesse
s, The Glam Maverick wants to highlight these establishments (and people) and introduce the Trendy World to them from a Glamorous Average Girl’s perspective.

 Join me on my journey while helping  you “create your own Glamorous Path” and become your OWN kind of

Glam Maverick. 

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