Nowadays, the way to a great girls night out is either pole dancing or striptease, burlesque-like classes.  But what happens when you combine Exotic and Strategy? You get XOTICY, “where fantasy meets strategy”.  You may be familiar with the class’s Youtube page that has reached over 350,000 views on a few of their videos.

For 2 days and 6 classes, XOTICY came to New York City.  Spots filled up quickly.  Participants, including myself, were able to let loose and get in touch with our inner sexy.  For some, it was a chance to introduce themselves to their sexy side.

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Originated in Detroit,MI under the name Seduction in 2004, creator, Monica Wilson moved her successful class and dance company to Atlanta and changed the name to XOTICY.  Wilson, a former exotic dancer, began her dance journey off the strength of people telling her she danced “too sexy”.  From  exotic dancing, to dancing for the Detroit Pistons, as well as being a back-up dancer for Cee-Lo Green and various artists, she has made a successful and credible name for herself.  She does this all while building up self-esteem and confidence in others with seductive moves all choreographed by her.

“My family and friends had very low self-esteem.  I started showing them sexy dances and moves and we just danced to build up the self-esteem.”, said Wilson.

For the record, these are not classes to learn how to be an exotic dancer.  They can, however, spice up your love life a little bit more, if needed.  Wilson not only teaches you how to be sexy for your partner, but more so for yourself.  Her direction and blunt motivation inspires the confidence hidden deep within most of us.

XOTICY has begun visiting different cities.  Their next stop is Washington D.C. on April 12, 2014.  For more information, follow XOTICY on Twitter @XOTICY and Instagram @XOTICY_.  Stay updated on The GlamMaverick blog for XOTICY’s return to New York City.

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