ELUDE 2014The 3rd Annual Elude Fashion Show, powered by Showcase  Entertainment and VM Events was the epitome of success this past weekend.  The Elude Fashion Show is a fashionable event that gives guests an up close and exclusive glimpse of today’s local up and coming designers.  This platform has not only given these designers a reputation amongst urban fashion and the community;  Their vision and creativity has opened the minds of not only future designers, but anyone with their own dream to succeed.
Participating designers included DIEM, Society of Success, Kira Nacole, Toure Designs, The Fabric Twinz, Modern Day Mogul, Raecaton Designs, T.G. BASCOMBE, and Eastwick Collection.


Each designer displayed their exclusive Spring/Summer collections on the runway.  That, however, was not the highlight of the ELUDE 2014 experience. The audience was able to view and purchase designs they see on the runway in the Boutique Pop-Up shop created inside the venue.  If you are a shopaholic like me, that is a double delight.

DIEM PopUp Boutique
Inside DIEM PopUp Boutique at Elude 2014
Majority Rules
Majority Rules








Check out some Highlights and Video from the show:




















*Photo Credit: Constant Exposure

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