photo 2You ever have a hunger moment, but it’s not a matter of starvation, but it’s borderline peckish and snackish?  That was my problem this afternoon on my way to class.  Then, like a knight in shining armor, a food truck by the name of BROOKLYN POPCORN came to my rescue.


Salted and Cheddar Cheese Combo
Salted and Cheddar Cheese Combo

Brooklyn Popcorn, which is really based out of Brooklyn, NY (RED HOOK to be exact), went into business a little over a year ago by owner, JOHN from BROOKLYN (YES! That’s his name). Besides his passion for food, his “special passion” for popcorn was all the motivation needed to start the FIRST EVER Popcorn Truck in New York City.




Popped FRESH daily and 16 flavors to choose from, Brooklyn Popcorn answers the calling of cravers with nutty, sweet, cheesy, or savory  tastebuds.  “It doesn’t satisfy hunger.  It satisfies an urge”, said John.  A  few of their unique flavors include BBQ, Garlic Parmigiana, Coconut Caramel, just to name a few. *cues the watering mouths*

photo 3

Whether rain or shine, Brooklyn Popcorn is on the road seven days a week. You can locate their truck directly from their website to find out where they will pop up for the day.

For more information Follow Brooklyn Popcorn on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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