Dealing with a Seamstress 101

wedding_dress_cartoonIn this world surrounded by fashion and trends, everyone wants to either fit in or have the latest threads. If you’re like me, you just want to stand out and wear what no one has or what one would NOT think to have. This especially goes for special occasions (birthdays, weddings, galas, etc.).  In this case you would want reach out to a seamstress to create a unique, one of a kind, or inspired outfit.

Well, after my experience for my 30th Birthday and Seamstresses, I vowed to try my best not to let what happened to me happen to anyone else.  Long Blog Short…I didn’t get my dress until two hours before my birthday dinner.

Here are my tips on How to Deal with a Seamstress through my story.
1) Know What You Want!
Most likely you saw pieces from a designer on someone (most likely a celebrity), or in pictures, and you’re like, “Oh! I must have her make me something!”  Unless you want to live on the fashionably adventurous side, I strongly suggest you know what you want before going to a seamstress; or at least have an idea. This way when you see your final product, you are not fully disappointed because you simply told her to “make anything”.
I knew what I wanted my birthday dress to be months in advance. It was an “inspired” dress. It was just a matter of finding the right dressmaker. When I was referred by a relative to one, I was open to her suggestions. But I refused to let her drift me away from my vision. 

2) Don’t Ever Give the Actual Date You Need Your Outfit. 
Always give your seamstress a date at least a week or two before the date you actually need your outfit. One less headache the day of your event.  Plus you want to have time to buy the perfect shoes and accessories for your outfit.
My Birthday Soirée was on my actual birthday January 17th.  I told my seamstress I needed the dress by January 10th in order to avoid the “day of” running around.  Sadly this didn’t happen in my case. 

3) Put Everything In Writing!!
Keep your OWN records of everything,   including whatever records your seamstress gives you ( balances, fitting dates and times, etc.).  Make sure you thoroughly read contracts and make sure there Is an understanding amongst both parties before you sign. No changes should be made to the contract after it is signed…this INCLUDES what you’re Paying.
This is where I messed up and a lot of miscommunication occurred.  My seamstress made me feel like if I wasn’t a Beyonce or a Rihanna, my dress will be as focused on as it should be.

4) Make sure to Keep Your Fitting Dates. 
It is important that you keep your fitting dates. This way, if any alterations or changes need to be made, this can be done before the final product is finished.
In my case, I kept my fitting dates. However, because of the detailing of my dress, I had to get special beads that the dressmaker didn’t realize until later on. Which led to the miscommunication mentioned in #3.

It is understandable that it takes a lot of time for seamstresses to deliver what the customers wants. However, it is NEVER acceptable to have them in limbo until the day of their special day about their outfit; especially if a deposit has been given.  

My 30 and Stunning Birthday Dress
My 30 and Stunning Birthday Dress

Although the end result of my dress turned out to be absolutely gorgeous, I can not see myself doing business with that seamstress (whom shall remain nameless) ever again.  The work and designs created are phenomenal, but the lack of customer service was a turn-off for me, as it would for many.  You can have all the talent and expertise in the world, but it means absolutely nothing if you lack professionalism.

Do you guys have any fashion horror stories with seamstresses.  Share it with us.

Until then…


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