Black Ink Crew cast members “Moisturize our Mind”

Harlem was in a creative frenzy this week thanks to Walt and O’S**t from the VH-1 hit reality show, “Black Ink Crew“.  The “Moisturize your Mind” art show exhibited paintings done by O’Shit and compelling photographs shot by Walt. You’re probably saying to yourself, “There are many painters and plenty photographers”. Only one word can describe the difference between many others and them: PASSION. The passion exuded from within both Black Ink cast members was displayed not only in their work, but also in the atmosphere during the show.

“Doodling in books, going to high school for art, getting honors for Art, joining art programs, art has ALWAYS been in my life. “, Says Walt. His journey into photography started as a hobby and grew into a passion, which he makes very clear through social media with the hashtag #thisisnotahobby. Moisturize Your Mind

As a tattoo artist, art has always been in O’Shit’s life as well.  “Art for me always started on the canvas before tattooing.”  For O’Shit, his artwork stems from the streets of his neighborhood and drawing with his graffiti crew.  One picture in particular that caught my eye was the “Smoking and Drinking”.  The meaning behind it is quite unique and interesting as well.

SAD means Smoking and Drinking
SAD means Smoking and Drinking

“People would ask me why do I have SAD in my posts and IG name.  It’s not that I’m sad.  SAD stands for, Smoking and Drinking.  It’s also the same initials of my name and also my best friend.”


Here’s some more pictures from the show: photo 4-1 photo 5 photo 2-2 photo 5-1 photo 3-1 photo 1-2 photo 3-2

We’re looking forward to seeing more amazing art from both Walt and O’S**t.  They  are prime examples of turning your passion into greatness.  “Believe in yourself.  Love yourself.  Start from within”, says Walt.  That is a message every entrepreneur and person with a dream should adhere to.


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