Maverick Talk: Married to Medicine

Married To MedicineBravo TV has brought us a 3rd season of ‘Married To Medicine’ with the right doctor recommended dose of drama and dilemma with a touch of fierce and fabulousity.  If you’re not familiar with the hit show (side eye), Married To Medicine takes us into the world of Atlanta’s most exclusive medical inner circle of successful female doctors and the wives of doctors.  This season, which began last week, seems like it will be giving us an in depth look at the personal and professional lives of the ladies and how they deal with and balance each one out, while trying to get along with each other.

Meet & Greet Dr. Heavenly & Miss Quad  The GlamMaverick sat with Married to Medicine cast members, Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Quad Webb-Lunceford to discuss FABNESS (Fashion and Fitness), Life on Reality TV, and what’s in store for this season of Married to Medicine. 

Dr. Heavenly

Dr. Heavenly Kimes is Atlanta’s leading dentist and founder of Smiles by Dr. Heavenly.  She has been in the dental industry for over 17 years and making viewers smile for another season with her straight forward personality and cool, calm, and collective demeanor.  Like all of the other woman on the show, Dr. Heaven wears many hats (author, inspirational speaker, relationship expert, and mother).  This season she is challenged to balance all these endeavors as her husband puts pressure on her to spend more time at home.  With all Dr. Heavenly has going on, you can’t help but wonder, ‘Why reality TV’? “I thought I can put something out there that’s never been seen.  When you think about reality TV, you have to think about the business aspect of it.”

The GlamMaverick & Miss QuadQuad Webb-Lunceford, known better as MS. QUAD [throws in a finger snap], is back this season with that same natural burst of confident energy.  Ms. Quad is indeed VERY BUSY being a wife, launching her puppy couture clothing line, “Picture Perfect Pup”, and being overall FABULOUS!  Known for lashing quick with the tongue when you come for her, this season will show a more “cautious” side of Miss Quad with the other ladies that makes her fall back just a little from a few friendships.  Quad says, “ The actual show is challenging and taxing emotionally.  You have to move with caution.”  There are plenty more ventures Miss Quad has in store for her viewers.  We just have to tune in this season to see what they are.

Dr. Heavenly and Miss Quad charm off-camera as they do on-camera, proving that they are still normal individuals like You and I.  One thing that they both agree one that keeps them going is keeping God first.  

“I know my priorities: God, then Family, then Career.” ~ Dr. Heavenly Kimes

” I Pray, Keep God first, and people who keep me centered.” ~ Miss Quad

We learned some fun and interesting things about Dr. Heavenly and Miss Quad!

Dr. Heavenly & Miss Quad


Dr. Heavenly is a SCORPIO.

Miss Quad is a TAURUS. 

Dr. Heavenly CAN Dance.

Miss Quad HATES getting shots. “I pinch the inside of my fingers for distraction.”

Miss Quad LOVES doing Burpees.

Make sure you tune in to Dr. Heavenly, Miss Quad, and all the lovely ladies on Married to Medicine Sundays at 8pm ET/PT on Bravo.

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