Tashee Brings Modesty to Fashion

IMG_8022.PNGNew York Fashion Week may be over but the fashion doesn’t have to be.  Fashion is something that is never ending.  It’s is more than just getting dressed and wearing the latest trends. Fashion is a statement. It has the power to make waves and start incredible movements, as reminded by Tashee Inc.

Tashee Inc. was founded by Brooklyn fashion designer, Natasha Lambkin and created with a passion for fashion and an ever-lasting love for Jesus Christ.   It was established to create a sense of individuality and spiritual purpose to it’s consumers with a goal to promote modesty into women’s clothing.  Tashee Inc.’s purpose is to show that you can be fashionable and modest at the same time and exemplify that true modesty starts from the inside (1 Timothy 2:9-10).  At an early age, it was instilled in Natasha by her West Indian parents that image is everything. So it was no surprised that she was destined to work in fashion.  However, it was surprising that her original career goal was to be an architect.  During her high school journey, that goal faded and her fashion journey began.  From taking Saturday classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, to designing prom dresses for her classmates, to obtaining two degrees from F.I.T., it was clear that Natasha’s love for fashion was here to stay.  Even when she took a slight detour to the entertainment industry, the passion never died.

As a women that is proud to serve an awesome God, I was honored to attend the soft launch for Tashee Inc. and also wear one of the most unique and creative pieces from the line that I’ve ever seen during New York Fashion Week.  It was a hit!
2 Shows, 1 Item, 2 Outfits, 2 Different Looks.  I rocked the Dual Purpose Skirt/Cape, which was perfect for the crazy week called New York Fashion Week.  It should be called the ALL-PURPOSE skirt/cape because it is perfect for any season and can be dressed casual or elegant.
Check out how I was able to transform my fabulous looks with my Tashee Dual Purpose Skirt/Cape!
We had some time to talk to Natasha about Tashee, her movement, and her road to fashionably inspire.
What inspired you to start a clothing line?
I always wanted to have my own clothing line, ever since I decided to become a fashion designer. I wanted to create intricate pieces that no one ever thought of. While working in the entertainment field and working in the fashion industry part-time, I had an epiphany to finally start my own line. The first collection I created I didn’t present it to the public because I felt that it was a misrepresentation of who I was inside.
As I got deep into my Christian walk, I asked God to help me to find my purpose, and to help me with my clothing line. I put modeling and acting to the side, and I started  working in the fashion industry full-time. That’s when God gave me a job working for Ann Taylor Loft as a Marketing Sample Coordinator.
While working there, I got convicted about how I was dressing and I decided to dress more modest. Then, with my clients I decided to design more modest. That’s when I started to do research on modest apparel and came across great articles and videos from Christian designers Jessica Reyes, and Kylie Bisutti. Finally, God gave me an inclination to start a Christian clothing line. Modest but fashionable, and spreading the gospel at the same time.
Tell us about Tashee.  How did you come up with the name? What does it mean?
Tashee is a nickname my father gave me as a little girl. When I thought about having my own clothing line in high school I named it N.L inc (my initials) . I decided to change it Tashee because I wanted my consumers to feel the same way I felt when my father called me that; which is like a princess. 
What more can we expect from Tashee in the near future?
You can expect more innovative pieces, a start of spiritual empowerment programs, and my big launch!
You are truly sending a message through fashion.  What message do you want to give aspiring designers and overall dreamers?
The message I want to give aspiring designers and overall dreamers is to never give up! Keep fighting and pushing and do something that your passionate about. A dream without a purpose will fall flat in no time, so make a positive difference in whatever you do. Lastly, if you don’t have Jesus in your life, try to get to know Him; because he’s been guiding through this whole process and never failed me.
Check out Tashee Inc. online to learn more about her amazing clothing line and movement.
Until Then,
Stay Blessed and Glamorous!

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