Maverick Music: Chrisette Michele

It’s been a while Mavericks!  A little hiatus to create greater content for our readers.  What better time than now during Black Music Month with our new feature, Maverick Music. 


Grammy-award winner Chrisette Michele is back like she never left. Not only is the recently engaged singer/songwriter the CEO of her own record label, Rich Hipster.  She also returns with her most anticipated album, Milestone. The GlamMaverick had the chance to get an exclusive listen to the album at a private listening session.

 Milestone is a true love story that talks about the long road that her and fiancé manager/producer, Douglas “Biggs” Ellison was on to get to where they are now.  What started off as a great business relationship turned in to a long and crazy litigation situation in which the two didn’t speak for seven years.  With time being able to heal all wounds, the two reconnected…and rekindled through a simple phone call. 

Chrisette Michele opens up about the moments that led her back to her true love with tracks like “Diamond Letter” and “Unbreakable”.  “It’s a love letter to my love”, says Michele.

 This album also reveals a little edgy side of Chrisette with promising hits like “Stones” (dedicated to all the lovely people that rest in her comment sections on social media) and “Black Girl Magic”. 

 A long-awaited reunion listeners can expect on the album is the track “Equal”, featuring Rick Ross.  As you may recall, the last time the two collaborated was on Ross’ hit “Aston Martin Music”.  It’s great to hear the two on a track together again.

 “Wreckless Love” gives you that dynamic soulful side of Chrisette that we are all used to and love; only this time it is Chrisette Michele…EVOLVED.

  Milestone gives you different elements of Chrisette Michele.  She’s giving you edgy, girly, and most importantly, the rebirth of true love.  She is multi-dimensional and so in love.  You can hear her love throughout the whole album.  It takes you on a journey back to true love and reminds you, the maverick listeners that true love still exists. 

The album hits stores June 10th.  We are looking forward to the many other milestones Chrisette Michele has in store for her fans in the future.


Stay Fabulous!

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