Serious Times: What Do We Do?

In light of the recent events circling the media, it is hard to be oblivious to the anger felt in the United States.  It has been a week of profound anger and devastation.  Within a 24-hour span, two black men were senselessly killed by police officers and it was all caught on camera for the world to see.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 37 year old Alton Sterling was recorded by a witness and store owner, being tackled to the ground and shot by two police officers as they pinned him down before he was killed. Hours later, Philando Castile was shot by an officer in Minnesota while reaching for his wallet to get his license.  When asked for his license and registration, he informed the officer that he was armed and had a concealed carry permit, but he is reaching for his license.  As he reaches for the license, he is then fatally shot in front of his girlfriend, who recorded the whole confrontation live on Facebook, with her daughter witnessing the whole thing in the back seat.

While the anger is understood for the moment, we are concerned about the future.  When we say future, we mean our YOUTH.

We should do our small part in promoting change.  No one has the answers now, but every little bit counts.  We think it is important that our youth are informed  and know fully well what to do when confronted with law enforcement.  We found one way to help them with this and even perhaps help out adults.



‘Oh Crap!’ is a mobile app created by Iowa-based attorneys to provide real-time legal support and a quick 101 on what your rights are.  Co-founder, Bob Rehkemper created ‘Oh Crap!’ to “make legal advice more accessible to the general public, especially when stopped by the police.”


oh crappOne of our favorite features that we found on the app is the state-specific legal rights.  Many of us travel the U.S. blinded to the legal rights in different states.

It also features audio recording that can be saved for future reference in the court of law (if needed), as well as contact information to local lawyers and bail bondsmen in each state.




screen322x572It’s a perfect go-to source to have on your mobile device, especially for the kids that are always on their phones.  We see it as a safety and informative app that can save someone from another possible senseless killing by police officers.




‘Oh Crap!’ is free and available for download in the App Store and Google Play.  Visit for more information.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected, all that are angry, and with the United States.


Live Glamorously!

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