Maverick Must Have: Love Tribe x Nickelodeon Collection


It’s no brainer that Nickelodeon ruled the ’90s with their fan-filled shows and characters.  I’m talking shows like “Hey Arnold!,” “The Ren and Stimpy Show,” “All That,” and my favorite, “Rugrats.”  The folks over at ‘Love Tribe’, a hip apparel line by Hybrid Apparel, are bringing back some of these classic favorites and fashionably taking us down memory lane with their new LOVE TRIBE x Nickelodeon collection.


Each trendy piece gives you the ultimate “throwback” feel with a dash of current style trends like cold shoulder cut-outs and hoodie dresses.  Although pieces are made with casual material such as terry cloth and jersey, they are fashionably capable of being worn dressed up.


We spoke with Bonnie Dogan, VP of Sales for Specialty Retailers at Hybrid Apparel to get the “maverick scoop” on the collaboration and how the millennials will take to a throwback trend that they can’t understand:

1- So many 90s cartoons left an everlasting affect on those that were around to witness it. Why Nickelodeon 90s cartoons?

Nickelodeon is a really iconic brand and their cartoons remind people of their childhood. The idea for Love Tribe is that everything we do has to have meaning. It’s not just about selling “stuff .”  We want everything we create to have a message behind it. When we decided to work with Nickelodeon, we wanted to do something that felt retro so that people could bring back things they loved from the past and share them with today’s youth. The bright colorful palette gives the line a fun, playful feel.

2- What is your favorite Nickelodeon 90s cartoon and why?

I’ve always been a fan of Ren and Stimpy and The Rugrats. Since I’m from South Africa, I didn’t grow up watching Nickelodeon shows at home, but when I would come to visit my family and my brothers here in the states, I couldn’t wait to get in front of the TV and watch. I remember going back home and telling my friends all about the shows and giggling for hours!

3- Besides going down memory lane on the good ole cartoon days, how do you expect one to feel when they wear a Love Tribe x Nickelodeon piece? How should they feel?

The line is very nostalgic. When you think of things from your childhood, it makes you feel euphoric. We also want women to feel confident and on trend.

4- When will the items officially be available for purchase?

The line is available now on and in select stores nationwide.

5- How do you think “millennials” will take to the new line?

Millennials are really savvy. They want something that is on trend but not just fast fashion. They look for style and comfort. Our line is something you will want to collect and keep forever. The idea is that each piece becomes a collectible in your closet.


With Back To School mode in affect, it is a perfect moment to introduce kids to our cartoon pastimes and have them on trend.  They will also be the talk of the hallways wearing “vintage”.  I can’t believe I just said that.

The pieces range from $20-$40 and is available now at Macy’s.  Want to celebrate the collection?  Stop by One Below at Macy’s Herald Square this Saturday from 2p-4pm for the Nickelodeon x love tribe Launch Party.



What was your favorite Nickelodeon ’90s Cartoon or Show?  Tell us!  My favorite cartoon was Rugrats!  And my favorite character was ANGELICA!


Also make sure you follow us on Twitter and Instagram for your chance to win a piece from the Love Tribe x Nickelodeon collection.


Until then,


Stay Glamorous!


Photo Credit:

Paramount Pictures

Love Tribe Apparel

Levelz Photography

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