5 Reasons To See A Bad Moms Christmas Even if you’re not a Mom.

IMG_7470There is a “Giant stress ball from November to New Years.”, factually stated by Amy, played by Mila Kunis in the new holiday film “A Bad Moms Christmas”. The holidays are a time for togetherness and family; and what better way than to bring back the original “Bad Moms” trio (Amy, Kiki, and Carla) and introduces us to their creators…their moms,  played by Christine Baranski (Ruth), Cheryl Hines (Sandy), and Susan Sarandon (Isis).  This High-Larious sequel (can we call it that…a sequel?) not only shows the role that many moms play during the holidays, but it also shows the generation barrier between mothers and daughters that are now or will be mothers.
A Bad Moms Christmas is filled with tons of laughs, plenty WTF’s, and some serious heartfelt moments that really make you think about your relationship with your mom not just during the holidays, but all the time. This movie is not just for moms.  Anyone that entertains the holiday season and love liquor can relate to “A Bad Moms Christmas” and here are our reasons why:


 1. No Mom is Perfect.

Even when our moms think they’re right, they’re not! As we get older daughters actually end up being more right than their mothers. In the movie, Kunis says “Daughters roles are to impress their moms and moms jobs are to criticize all we do.” This statements holds true our entire lives. As adults, even when we don’t act like it, we do our best to make sure all we do is right in our mothers eyes. And even when it is right or close to perfect our mothers still criticize. You know what that is? TOUGH LOVE!






2. It’s A Friendly Reminder That (Grand)Moms can have fun too.

They may not be as youthful. But grandmas can still be hip. And it’s ok to still hang with them.





3. JUSTIN HARTLEY (insert google love eyes).

 The “This is Us” character makes a rather jolly appearance in the movie as Carla’s love interest and a man that takes his personal hygiene very serious while jingling his balls all the way to Carla’s heart.



4. It’s ok to have a Non-Traditional Christmas.

 It is important when starting a family to keep some holiday traditions but you still want to introduce new traditions to keep the spirit of the holidays going.  The hustle and bustle of the holidays is a lot not only for moms but for kids too.



5. You will want to try Christmas Shopping a little “buzzed”.

Amy, Kiki, and Carla make it look so easy that you can’t help but wonder if it really can be done.



Justin Hartley in a Bad Moms Christmas








“A Bad Moms Christmas” is in theaters now.  Tell us your thoughts on the film.

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