Maverick Recap: New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is over and what did I see? A little bit of this…a little bit of that. A little bit of the same…and a little bit of newness. Although I didn’t attend every single show,  I attended enough to gather predictions and what my Spring/Summer 2020 closet is going to look like.

img_5895My NYFW excursion kicked off with an oldie but goodie reintroduction to the popular jeans, Jordache. The brand relaunched last fall and is definitely making a comeback with their California-inspired collection filled with mixed denims, neons (yes it looks like neon will be back next summer), and tie-dyes. Denim can never go out of style, but it’s sure to be trending for Spring/Summer 2020. The collection will be available early Spring.  Take a look at some highlights:

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From Throwback Jeans to Celebrating Black Fashion Magic.

img_5981On the 102nd floor of One World Trade Center, Harlem’s Fashion Row founder, Brandice Daniel filled a room of iconic, upcoming, and influential individuals of color dressed in ALL BLACK (designers) for her Style Awards Dinner and Fashion Show. Upon entering the exclusive invite-only event, I was greeted by a presentation of black men and women in protest mode, holding picket signs with strong messages like “Support Black Designers!”, “Honor Black Fashion History”, and “Respect Black Artists”. img_6238-1Honorees included former editor-in-chief of Essence Magazine Mikki Taylor, celebrity stylist Law Roach, GQStyle Fashion Director, Mobolaji Dawodu, and Grammy-award singer Ciara.  Black designers were celebrated and displayed on the runway. Giving them the opportunity to show a room full of well-known stylists, influencers, and celebrities their talent and craft of love. Designers included Miko Underwood, Kapasa Musonda, Prep Curry, who showcased a unique twist to varsity wear, and Bishme Cromartie.


Along with the denim craze, mixed prints and rodeo theme were popular on the runway. Especially at the Laquan Smith and Pretty Little Thing shows. Both displayed intricate ways to mix bold animal prints; motivating me to experiment with some of my own animal prints. Both shows also debuted collaborations.  Laquan Smith x  Jordache (will be available exclusively to a specialty retailer soon) and Pretty Little Thing x Saweetie (available now).  Check out some highlights:



Tons of collabs to look forward to.  Trends to expect for Spring/Summer 2020:  Bucket hats, mixed animal prints, bright pastels, and tons of denim.  Overall it was a great NYFW.  Filled with unique street fashion, celebrity spottings, fashion events, all in the concrete jungle where dreams.. and fashion are made of.


Until Next Time… STAY GLAMOROUS!


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