A Beauty Product That Cuts Your Cravings?

Was your  New Year’s resolution to start dieting?  Or did you give up sugar and sweets for Lent? If so, how did that go?  In this day and age, dieting and staying “fit & healthy ” has been the goal for many.  However, one of the hardest things to fight during that road to healthy are those CRAVINGS!

A few of my cravings are Haagen Daaz Cookies & Cream, Wise Hot Cheese Popcorn , and French Fries. YUM! So when I came across this beauty item that not only keeps my lips very moisturized , but also kisses your cravings goodbye (LITERALLY), I had to put it to the test.

Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye


“Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye (yes that is the name of it) is an all-natural clear lip moisturizer that helps curb the urge to snack and feed your cravings.  It can be worn alone or over your favorite lippie .


We had a Q&A session with the creator, Sara Bumby, who is a 15 year veteran in the beauty industry to learn more about this crave killing product.


1) Does KYCG come in different flavors?

“No-Sin Cinnamon” is our introductory flavor, but we are excited to share there will be two new flavors coming out in 2018!

2) Would you say this is a good product for someone that also needs to include more water intake in their daily regimen?  (I ask this based on the notion that “one should become thirsty and crave water instead of that donut.”)

Yes, this is a great product for anyone who wants to drink more water.  The essential oils in KYCG not only moisturize your lips and freshen your breath, but it causes dry mouth and shifts your focus to quenching your thirst.

3) What is one of your ultimate cravings?

Chocolate.  Having that chocolate or a sweet dessert after a big meal has always been our achilles heel.

4) Best times to use are 10am, 3pm, and 9pm.  What about midnight snack cravings?

Yes!  KYCG was created to combat cravings at all times.  Studies show the most common snacking times are in-between meals but many of our customers use KYCG to exclusivly resist nighttime noshing.   Whenever the urge comes to reach for that bag of chips, donut or sweets, just reach for KYCG instead.

5) What other products can we expect from your company in the future? Novare Beauty LLC correct?

Novare Beauty is a unique beauty brand, creating unique products.  Our current Behave-Aid® product line is a nod to how cosmetics really can help with everyday struggles.  The products within this line are solutions to everyday challenges, like snacking and cravings, that our own team faces. We want to make lives easier!  Novare Beauty has been developing skincare and cosmetics for high-end beauty brands for many years, and we have taken the next step to infuse our experience and fun-loving nature into products that REALLY DO WORK!  The next items in the Behave-Aid® collection are currently in development and more information will be released in the coming months. Stay-tuned!


Now…The Maverick Review!


img_0565I tested KYCG for one week.  Some days by itself, and other days I applied over my lipstick.  I loved that it does not go on nor leave my lips sticky.  It is easy to replace it with your everyday lip balm.  I am a fan of anything cinnamon scented.  However, in this case, I couldn’t help but wonder, “was it the cinnamon scent assisting with my sudden thirst?”  That is part of it.  The natural essential oils along with their “secret ingredient” literally dries your mouth up, making you more thirsty.  It also found that it made me more hungry, but not to snack on my usual sweet or salty sensations that I would normally go to.  Which tells me that…IT WORKS.  I found myself wanting more water than any other liquid.  Again I’m not sure if it’s because of the cinnamon scent or the ingredients in the gloss.  Let me repeat, THIS IS NOT A DIETARY SUPPLEMENT OR SUPPRESSANT.  However, it can be included in your diet routine as a way to stop snacking, as well as including more water intake in your system. KYCG is also a breath freshener.  A fun experiment I tried with this product is kissing my significant other with the lip moisturizer on my lips to see if the moisture left on his lips from the kiss would cut his cravings.  Guess what?  It did!


You can visit their website kissyourcravingsgoodbye.com to purchase and learn more about the crave-cutting lip product.




Until then,




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