Beautycon: A 1-Day Excursion Through A Beauty Lover’s Heaven

Imagine being in a HUGE space… filled with everything BEAUTY that you can think of.  Photo booths and interactive stations of all kinds to capture epic shots and selfies for IG (that rhymed); because like Drake said, “You gotta hit them angles!”.  Samples and goodies galore.  Lovers of beauty in all shades, ages, and genders, all under one roof.  This, my friends, is Beautycon.

If boys can have Comic Con (with a few female comic book lovers, too), then girls can have Beautycon

So what is Beautycon?

Beautycon is a festival that takes place all over the world, celebrating not just beauty as a whole, but the beauty of confidence and staying true to yourself.  .  The festival includes tons of beauty vendors including Revlon, M.A.C., Loreal, Pixi Beauty, etc., diverse and engaging panel discussions, and meet-ups with popular makeup artists and beauty influencers from all over. Oh! And ZENDAYA!!!

Many influencers we spoke to told us the greatest highlight of Beautycon for them is simply meeting people and their fans.  Some are Youtube bloggers with millions of views on their channels and others are simply influencers with social media followers in the millions.  Some shared some of their top beauty must-haves with us.  My favorite came from Nikita Dragun, beauty influencer and Youtube vlogger, who told us her must-have is “a good ass wig!  Not one of those wigs from Party City.  A good 40 inches good quality wig.”


Beauty Products and Trends Discovered at Beautycon


Revlon is planning to send beauty fans to the moon…(LITERALLY) with their upcoming limited edition SHOOT THE MOON COLLECTION (coming out in August).  The intergalactic shades of glosses and shiny highlights are truly out of this world. 



Check out the sexy blue I tried on at Beautycon.  It’s a combination of the blue lipstick topped with the gloss.img_1267


This year, Beautycon introduced for the first time a “Health and Wellness” corner.  One item in particular caught my eye in this area.  When I walked past the “Pantyfresh” booth, I did a double look back and thought to myself, “Pantyfresh?”  The first thing I thought was “Is this a period panty?”  To my discovery, it’s not.  It’s actually a 4-in-1 genius idea for the woman on the go.  The small packaging contains a panty or thong (available in black, white, or nude and up to size 3x), a liner, a wipe, and a ‘wash me bag’. 



I see the Pantyfresh coming in handy for various situations:

  • if you’re stuck on a plane or at the airport for hours without getting a shower.
  • a quick refresh before clocking out of work and meeting with friends for happy hour.
  • accidents before getting to the toilet.
  • menstrual accidents
  • quickie change after a quickie



The fastest Makeup Brush Cleaner I’ve ever come across…The StylPro by Tom Pellereau.  Cleans and dries your brushes in seconds.  It’s amazing to see this device work.  Even more amazing to see how much beauty products come off of your brushes.  It reminds me how important it is to keep your brushes clean to prevent breakouts.  After one spin in the StylPro, your brushes are like brand new.



HIGHLIGHT!  HIGHLIGHT!  HIGHLIGHT!  Highlighter had to be the most popular item I came across at Beautycon.  No I am not talking about the highlighter you mark papers with.  Highlighters in all shades and colors and shimmers.  Our favorite one we came across at the festival was the Loreal True Match Lumi Glow Amour. It can be worn alone, or mixed in with foundation.  If you want that extra glow, add extra on top of your almost finished face.img_1978

img_1386img_1385The most popular look for the season is the UNICORN LOOK.  The products that we came across to perfectly execute this look are the Almay Highlighter Jelly and Revlon PhotoReady Galaxy Dream Holographic Highlighting Palette.    Almay’s beauty jelly is great for your face as well as your skin.  I love that it doesn’t go on sticky nor leave an ugly residue.  Revlon’s Galaxy Dream gives a soft and whimsical iridescent look to your face.  It’s best to combine all four shades for that WOW EFFECT. Both products are a perfect extra touch on your shoulders and the middle of your chest to give it a little sparkle and shine.


The next Beautycon is taking place on the West Coast in Los Angeles on July 14-15.  If you were at Beautycon, tell me your best moments and favorite products.  Follow me on Instagram for more Beautycon recap and other fun things (@makings_of_a_maverick). In the mean time, check out some more highlights from Beautycon!

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