One Big Picnic Dedicated To Pink.


Pink is a color that exudes more than just pretty.  It exudes cheer, strength, fun, and freedom.  This past weekend, PINKNIC defined all of that and more.  So what exactly is PINKNIC?


PINKNIC is one huge picnic where attendees get dressed in their best pink, white, or combination of both, sit on rosé-colored blankets, and drink rosé all day!  Seriously!  With the event in its third year, over 15,000 guests gathered for the two-day event on Governor’s Island enjoying the tastes of rosé libations and various delicacies in the “Food Garden” section.



General admission tickets start at $75 (early bird).  Each ticket includes:

One-day access to the event

Complimentary ferry ride to/from Governor’s Island

Open lawn seating

PINKNIC blanket, wine glass, and tote bag (and extra sample goodies too)

Access to music festival with live performances


You also have access to a full service bar, gourmet food court, and an amazing pink ferris wheel that you have to pay for.  Now if you want to opt to be FANCY, there are VIP tickets that will cost a little more that includes everything general admission gets, priority ferry boarding, expedited VIP line, pool lounge access, and more.

So what does one expect when attending PINKNIC?  Expect to have a great time with others that have a love for rosé…and pink.  Expect to meet new people.  Expect to open your ear to music rhythms you would never think to listen to.  Expect a day of just feeling free to be…in Pink. 

Sounds fun right?

 If you are considering attending next year, here are a few Maverick tips to get you ready:


You want to come out to PINKNIC in your best pink and white outfit, but also be as comfortable as possible.  Flats will be your best friend.  There is a 1/2 mile walk from the ferry to the event site.  



For my first PINKNIC, I wanted to get the full experience.  So I bought one bottle for myself.  The sponsoring wines on site for purchase were just OK.  I ended up not finishing my bottle.  There were other attendees that were sitting next to me who opted to purchase bottles on top of bottles.  After a couple of glasses (or bottles), everyone becomes one big happy rosé community that are happy to share their bottles with their neighbors.  My favorite beverage was the Frosé! I think I would stick to that if I go back next year.  


Everything is always nice in VIP, but you really don’t need to be in VIP in order to have a good time.  VIP access to the Pool Lounge is great if you want to take a dip in the water.  The good thing with VIP is you have your own bar.  That means no lines.  You also have access to lounge chairs, cabanas, and hammocks, and perfect viewing area of the stage during performances.  And let’s not forget the complimentary access to ride the ferris wheel; which has a beautiful aerial view of PINKNIC in action.  


If you experience PINKNIC on an extremely hot day like I did, you want to walk with as less as possible.  Besides alcohol, there are other items you are prohibited from bringing including lounge chairs and umbrellas.  Some guests improvised.  They brought fancy single umbrellas and air couches.  You can bring food.  I would advise keeping it very light.  Light bites like cheese and crackers, chips and salsa is the best route to go.  

In the words of Audrey Hepburn, “I believe in pink.”  Pink is no longer a “girl’s color”.  It’s a color for everyone…even the FELLAS. Men also attend and enjoy themselves at PINKNIC.  I mean, women and rosé?  How can they go wrong??  

For more information on this beautiful event, visit  If you attended PINKNIC, tell us what you thought about it.  

Until next time,



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