A Mansion Full of Rosé…LITERALLY!


Just when we thought we were done with rosé afterPinknic, comes a mansion in New York City dedicated only to the pink drink.  Can you picture a wine country in Midtown Manhattan?   The Rosè Mansion is coming to NYC today, just in time for National Rosé Day!  It is a new wine-tasting experience celebrating the popular summer libation.


The mansion has 14 Rosé-inspired interactive rooms that take you on not only a rosè experience, but also educate you on the history and scientific process of creating it (which is rather interesting by the way).  The brains behind this 2-story rose heaven, Morgan First and Tyler Balliet, have created popup wine-tasting events for more than 10 years.

The GlamMaverick got to preview the mansion before it opens to the public.  Without giving too much away, here’s a little taste of what to expect if you plan on visiting.

img_3863Upon entry into the Rosé Mansion, you receive a complimentary wine glass and a series of stickers for the first room.  You don’t throw away that glass as that is for your wine samples.  And don’t worry, the samples of each wine equal 2 full glasses. As for the stickers, you get to stick the grape-looking stickers wherever you want in the first room. I promise there’s a reason behind it.

Then you’re off to start your rosé journey. Each room has a different rosé wine tasting experience along with different educational tidbits that will leave you in awe. Check out a sneak peek at some of our favorites.



So what did we learn visiting the Rosé Mansion?

  • Rosé wines are only made from red grapes.
  • Antarctica is the only continent that does not make Rosé.
  • How to open a sparkling champagne/wine bottle with a knife or sword.
  • Machines harvest the grapes for less expensive wines, while the most expensive bottles (over $20) are harvested by hand.

Here’s the Rosé Skinny:

The Rosé Mansion is located at 445 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10016 (across the street from Lord & Taylor) from Thursday July 12th through Sunday October 7th.


$35 Monday-Thursday before 4:30pm 

$45 Monday-Thursday after 4:30pm and anytime Friday-Sunday

Tickets include access to the mansion, eight wine samples, a Rosé Mansion wine glass and collectible pin, and access to the Grand Tasting Lounge (guests can purchase glasses or bottles of rose and snacks).

Visit K, the bartender at the Grand Tasting Lounge.  She is AMAZING!  Every week the rose bottles change.

Walk with your camera and a fully charged phone.  There is plenty of perfect photo opportunities in the mansion.  From the giant swinging chandelier, to the bathtub filled with rose petals, your Instagram is guaranteed to go to a next level.  You will need about a good two hours to fully take in the whole experience.


So Bubbly exciting, right?  Is the Rosé Mansion worth visiting?  ABSOLUTELY!  Share your experience with us!

Until Then,


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