A Maverick Crash Course on Dîner en Blanc

Who really follows the “No-White after Labor Day” rule?  How is that possible?  Especially when the 8th Le Dîner en Blanc in New York City is coming up.

What is Le Dîner en Blanc (DEB)?

It is a big chic dinner picnic/party that is held in a secret public space with thousands dressed in their best all white.  Started 30 years ago by a small group of friends in Paris, Le Dîner en Blanc brings invited-only guests together from various diversities to engage one another in what really is an epic and magical event.  It takes place all over the world.  Even as far as Australia.  With a waitlist of over 60,000,  Dîner en Blanc gives guests the opportunity to dine with strangers that can eventually turn into friends.  Here’s the kicker.  You don’t know the location until you get there.  So how does one really get ready for Le Dîner en Blanc?  Are you going?  Will this be your first time attending?  Are you going but need a refresher on how this all goes?  Are you not attending but still want to know?  No worries!  This Maverick Crash Course on Dîner en Blanc will guide you through.


No eggshell!  No beige!  No cream!  No off-white!  Strictly white!  Milk white!  White like Elmer’s Glue white!  The dress code is strictly enforced.  Plus you don’t want to be the only odd-all amongst over 6,000 people not in dress code.  Highly recommended to get festive with your attire.  A touch of silver or gold is fine.  Just keep it whiteimg_2263

RULE #2- The Set Up

It is important that you purchase the correct size table as you will be lining them up equally with other tables.  The chairs can be all-white.  Folding chairs are best.

BUDGET TIP:Save some money and rent your table and chairs.  Also, bring any folding chair and purchase (or rent) a white cover for it.

AMBIANCE is everything when it comes to Dîner en Blanc.  Table set up is KEY!  You want to bring your best.  Here’s a looks at what mine looked like.img_2246

BUDGET TIP:Instead of using your good white tableware or china, purchase fancy plastic tableware and utensils.  Chinet has some great options.  (Amazing Savings, one of my favorite budget-friendly stores, has so much…down to centerpieces.)

img_2241RULE #3- Comfort and Compact

Keep in mind that you will be traveling by foot and/or public transportation to this secret location.  If you are a heels lover like me, walk with them, but wear some flats until you get to the destination.  Make sure your attire equals your level of comfort while traveling and during the event.  Try to make your carrying items as compact as possible.  A luggage trolly will be your best friend.  A picnic basket for everything (food, tableware, utensils, glasses, etc.) will help also, as well as chairs and/or tables in a bag.

RULE #4- Simple Edibles.

The most important part of the experience is, of course, THE FOOD.  You can choose to bring your own curated dishes or purchase special picnics for two online.  This year, those special picnics will be made by the renowned chef and Michelin recipient Marc Forgione.  If you choose to bring your own, keep it simple.  Stay away from saucy, messy, and big dishes.  Remember that it is a small dinner for two; not the whole row of tables (unless you are in a sharing mood).  I recommend staying from hot foods.  Check out a few of my favorites that I carried.

RULE #5- Be Ready For ANYTHING!

This event is RAIN or SHINE.  Keep an eye on the weather leading up to the day.  Be ready to walk with a clear poncho and umbrella.

Extra Tips:

  • If you want to sit with your friends, make sure you all pick the same Group Leader.
  • Make sure you have a white plastic trash bag.  You are dining in a public space so you will have to clean up after yourselves.
  • Have a fully charged phone.  Walk with portable chargers.  You want to capture every single moment of the night.
  • Be camera ready!  Media galore will be there snapping your pic!
  • Network!  Network!  Network!  You never know who you will be sitting next to!
  • Last but not least…HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

Le Dîner en Blanc is Monday September 17th.  If you were invited and will be in attendance, share your experience and photos with us!  Make sure to follow @makings_of_a_maverick on Instagram and hashtag #MavericksatDEB.

Until then,


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