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img_3738As most may know, I’ve finally embraced the curly side of my natural hair.  What does that really mean?  Well, my hair has been natural all of my life (I’ve never permed, relaxed, or creamy cracked my hair), but I’ve always worn it straight (wash ‘n sets or blow-outs).  One of the most important parts of this hair journey for me has been the improvement of maintaining my hair (conditioning, scalp treatments, trims, etc.) and training it to grow healthier.  I also enjoy experimenting different twists and styles.

The best part of this journey has been trying out different hair products.  Believe it or not, that too is a part of the natural curly journey.  The key factor in all of this is FINDING PRODUCT THAT WORKS FOR YOU!  Everything doesn’t work for everybody.  What works for them may not necessarily work for you.  By trying out different products you not only find what is best for your hair, but you also create your own flow that no one else can mimic.

**My Best Curly Hair Must-Haves Product List is coming soon**

In the meantime, let me tell you guys about a collection I learned about by Camille Rose Naturals.  Found exclusively at Sally’s Beauty, The Around The World Collection comprises of exotic and might I add, SWEET-SMELLING treatments and hair oils uniquely crafted to treat various textures and cater to what your hair may be lacking.




Buriti Nectar Repair Treatment and Hair Oil

This treatment and oil, updated with exotic Amazonian Buritti fruit oil, provides CHOLESTEROL to your tresses.

Nangai & Tsubaki Strength Restore Treatment and Hair Oil

This treatment and oil gives your hair the PROTEIN that it may be lacking.  The treatment is blended with Japanese Tsubaki and a mix of Vitamin A, E, and Beta Carotene to bring breaking and damaged hair back to its strong healthy state.

The hair oil has Nangai nut oil infused with Japanese Tsubaki oil and other vitamins to help hair retain moisture and promote healthy and strong hair.

Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment and Hair Oil

For hair in need of INTENSE MOISTURE, this duo is for you!  With the rare Middle Eastern Oud oil mixed in this treatment, lifeless hair gains the shine, manageability, and softness it deserves.

The hair oil helps nourish damaged scalps and promote the ultimate shine.


And did I mention that it smells SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD?!?!


We spoke with Camille Rose Naturals founder, Janell Stephens about the brand and the new collection.  She also slid us some tips to share with you guys on


“How to Maintain Poppin Curls.”


  1. CLEAN HAIR! Use a water based sulfate free cleanser with low suds. Our  Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse was created to leave your hair feeling moisturized and your scalp nourished.    This  recipe includessweet ginger root and lemon extracts for an enlivening, aromatic cleansing experience. Moisturizing oil droplets of aniseed, cassia and castor are stirred together to create this cleanse and softening  ritual elixir. This blend does not strip the hair of its natural oils. IF you are someone who loves to cowash, using this shampoo once a month to rid your hair of product build up is encouraged. 

  1. MOISTURE IS KEY! Be sure to use an extreme deep treatment on a weekly basis. OUD  Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment, is  our lasted deep conditioner from our “Around the World” Collection! We extracted this rare oil which is only found in the Middle East and infused it with Olive oil, jojoba and white tea extracts to deeply penetrate every hair strand. 

  1. APPLY PRODUCTS TO THE ENDS OF HAIR!  Be sure to apply your products starting with the ends of your hair then work your way up using your fingers only. Be sure to use on hair that is wet or damp. If your hair starts to clump or cling to other curls, then you are on your way to getting bomb curls!

  1. PRODUCT IS KEY! You want to choose a product that has amazing ingredients and has hold. Our Almond Jai Twisting Butter has both! It’s asupremely soft styling butter with an indulgent nutty aroma crafted to nourish and elongate tresses.  Organic honey and Almond milk is aids in holding your curls in place. 

  1. LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE! Once you have applied your products, try not to touch your hair! Let your hair air dry in its natural state. Once the hair is dry, fluff out your curls with fingers and enjoy!!


Have you recently gone through a natural hair transition?  How has it been for you?  What have you learned about your hair?  What are some of your favorite products?  Share with us or tag The Glammaverick herself on Instagram (@makings_of_a_maverick).


Until then,




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