2018 Holiday Maverick Must-Haves

The most wonderful time of the year will be here before we know it.  Actually…it’s practically here!  So who made your NICE LIST?  What are you getting them?  The 2018 Holiday Maverick Must-Haves list is sure to have something for everyone and every spending wallet.

Jingling Jewelry & Merry Accessories


Spread a little badassery with a dash of BLACK GIRL MAGIC this holiday season with these unique affirmation charms by Elouise & Ethel.  The gold and enamel pieces have a hand drawn symbol to invoke the Inner QUEEN in all of us.  The world can be very cold, but these affirmation jewels are the warm reminders that we need to assure our dopeness.  I think this is what creator, Shante Bacon had in mind along with celebrating the legacy and impact grandmothers have on us and the world.  Can be worn on a necklace or bracelet.  Makes the perfect gift for teen girls and women doing amazing things.  Charms start at $35.




During the holidays…and in LIFE…all we need is LOVE!  Wear your LOVE on your wrist with this one-of-a-kind square-shaped LOVE bracelet from Da Spot NYC.  I find this piece to be unisex so this can also be the perfect gift for your very trendy and ever stylish guy friend.




laurel dewitt rings


Add a little edge with these feisty finger jewels from Laurel DeWitt.  The Four Finger Claw Ring comes in silver, gold, and gunmetal.  Truly a statement piece that can be worn dressed down for Holiday Brunch or glammed up for that Christmas gala.




No Shade…Just a little Holiday Eyewear.  Because there are sunny days during the Winter.  Our friends over at the Accessories Council shared with us that stunting on the season with the Chloe Poppy Octagonal Sunglasses (left) for $400 and the Salvatore Ferragamo SF182S Sunglasses (right) for $165 is the way to go!




img_7084img_7083‘Tis the season to make a shiny statement! What better way to do so than Keeping it Custom with a customized handmade sequin clutch by Island to Eastside. The NYC-based company allows you to customize a clutch down to the color sequins.  You can put up to 13 letters (depending on the style clutch) and symbols and also choose from various colored sequins.  Perfect for that fashionista in your life.  Also makes a perfect gift for a future bride.  Bags start at $165.img_7082

Holiday Hair


For my Curlistas!  Yes you!  The ones with those lovely curls and coils and also love to wear hats, but hate when those hats leave that dent in your curls.  Curl Cap is here to rescue you and your curls.  Show off that curly look while holiday shopping, cooking, or simply opening Christmas presents.  The Curl Cap is the most convenient hat and definitely a Must-Have for the curlista in your life.





If you hate blow-drying your hair like I do, then the Revlon Volumizing Blow Dryer is for you and makes a great gift for your favorite hairstylist.  It cuts your blow-drying time in half and doesn’t burn your scalp.  You can find it at any department store for $60.




When Its Cold Outside…

Chilly weather during the holidays calls for cozy outerwear, attire, and anything to simply keep us warm.  Check out a few of our Must-Haves to keep you warm.



img_7178Another Accessories Council top pick!  Pologeorgis is out to keep our hands super warm with their Knitted Rabbit Mittens ($150).  The brand is known for its collaborations with Michael Kors, Zac Posen, and most recently Monse.  Perfect gift for the fashionable designer lover in your life.





There’s nothing like a warm and cozy coat to get you through the holiday weather.  NCH Collection, LLC has Customized Fur Parkas available in various colors, fur trim, and lining.  You can even choose your fur types ranging from Mink and Fox, to Rabbit and Raccoon.  Here’s the cool part…the fur trim and linings are detachable making it totally wearable in the Spring.  I like to think of it as the “Ultimate Create Your Own Parka”.  The fab Parkas range from $525-$1500.




Nothing makes a home better …and WARM than a LIT atmosphere…LITERALLY!  LIT Brooklyn candles even leave a beautiful aroma in the house when it’s not lit.  LIT Brooklyn candles are the perfect gift for candle lovers and those that love sweet scents in their homes.  We recommend the “LIT SET” of the best 5 candles from the collection for $150.



“Sweater Weather” is the term during the Winter.  We fell in love with this unique sweatshirt from Da Spot NYC boutique with the phrase  “Hate is Cancelled” written on the front.  The designer, Frantzy Face Clothing, offers the signature cut and sew piece in different colors for $85…reminding us to spread love all seasons.




Holiday Concerts & Must Attend Events

Perhaps your favorite person is a concert lover or loves cool events.  Here’s a few must attend events, exhibitions, and concerts to attend.  A pair of tickets to one of these events make cute stocking stuffers too.


img_6797img_6811Mickey: The True Original Exhibition was created in honor of our favorite mouse turning 90!  Various artists pay tribute to Mickey with unique exhibits including a 25 foot stuffed animal sculpture and a Keith Haring piece.  There’s also lots of Disney history.  It’s so dope, there’s no need to fly to Florida.  You’ll feel like you’re at Disney World.  The exhibition is located in the Meatpacking District and runs until February 2019. The cost to get in is only $38.  Bring the kid out of your favorite adult this Christmas.


hot for the holidays

Start the holiday season blazing Hip- Hop and R&B at Hot 97’s “Hot for the Holidays” concert inside King’s Theatre in Brooklyn, NY on December 13th.  Turn up with Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, Lil Baby & Gunna, and Flipp Dinero.  There surely won’t be anything “silent” about this night.






Rapper Meek Mill announced his MOTIVATION tour.  His latest album “Championships” dropped November 30th and it is CERTIFIED LITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!  We are certain the tour will be just as LITTTTT!  Tell me you heard it already?!?!?!



Still Stuck??


And if you are still stuck on what to get the special person in your life, visit NCHCollection.com.  The website with everything.  From clothes, to shoes, to home items, even paintings.  You can’t lose here.



What is the most unique gift you plan on giving someone for Christmas?  Share with us.

 And if you still don’t know what to get that special someone.  Follow us on Instagram for special discount codes and a chance to win some of the items on this list!


From all of us here at The GlamMaverick, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!



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